International City Masonic Center Building Rules

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  1. The renter/user/licensee is responsible for the conduct of their guests, caters, contractors and vendors.  All children should be supervised while in the building and on the property.
  2. No smoking of any substances or vaping is allowed in the building at any time nor within 25’ of the exit doors.
  3. Food and beverages must be served, consumed, and kept within the Banquet Hall and kitchen.  Large food deliveries should be made through the front door, the side doors of the Banquet Hall, or directly into the kitchen to avoid damage to the carpet in the hallway.
  4. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited unless your lease agreement specifically allows it.  At no time is alcohol permitted in the lodge room, the classroom, the conference room, or to be consumed outside of the building.  If provisions for alcohol consumption on premises are included in your lease, all terms of the lease as well as laws of the State of California about serving and consuming alcohol shall be strictly observed.   
  5. Any impaired or intoxicated person or persons, or anyone deemed a liability or danger to the property or others will be asked to leave the property.  If that person does not comply, the police will be called to remove the offender from the property.
  6. Parking: Cars parking in the parking lot must be inside marked parking spaces.  Unless a valet is hired, any vehicle parked in a way to obstruct another vehicle from exiting the lot will be towed.
  7. Wi-Fi is available for guests while attending the licensee’s event.  Login information is posted on the bulletin board in the hallway near the staircase.  Licensee and guests agree to limit their use of the internet connection to legal, non-pornographic, family-appropriate sites.
  8. Sound amplification (microphones, music, etc) shall be kept at a reasonable volume so as not to disturb neighboring properties.  Between the hours of 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM, extra care should be taken to control sounds that may carry past the property line, including closing outside doors and windows, reducing amplification levels, and keeping guests indoors.
  9. Building Access:  Procedures to access the building are explained in your lease agreement.  Access to the second floor is prohibited unless your rental agreement includes the Conference Room.  For recurring and regular tenants, use of the building or portion thereof at unscheduled times will be charged to your organization as an additional cost at the same rate listed in your lease agreement.  If the unscheduled use causes conflict with scheduled tenant access, the unscheduled party will be responsible for any costs or financial losses incurred by the Hall Association.
  10. Use of Decorations:  At no time shall there be use of any candles, open flames, or glitter or confetti without written approval of the Hall Association.  No decorations shall be taped, nailed, screwed or tacked to the walls, curtains, ceilings, or floors in any manner that will damage or deface the surface.  Use of command-strips or similar non-marring temporary adherence would be recommended. 
  11. Landscaping: Do not cut or pick flowers or shrubbery on the premises for decoration or for any other purposes.  Do not drive vehicles on lawns or landscaped areas.
  12. Clean up and care of spaces:
    1. Banquet Hall (if used):
      1. The standard table set up is 12 round tables with 6 chairs per table, evenly arranged throughout the room, and two rectangular tables against the wall.
      2. All other chairs and tables should be put back in storage where they came from.
      3. Broom sweep the entire space.
    2. Stage (if used):
      1. The stage should be cleared of all items and broom swept.
      2. Curtains should be returned to the closed position.
    3. Kitchen (if used):
      1. Wash, dry and put all dishes and silverware away
      2. Make sure all ovens and stove burners are turned off
      3. Wipe down all counters and tables
      4. Mop floor and dump mop water into mop sink
    4. Lodge Room or Classroom or Conference Room (if used):
      1. No food or drink is allowed in these rooms
      2. Put away any chairs, tables, or other furniture brought into the room
      3. Lodge room pillars are not to be moved at any time
      4. Lodge room officer’s chairs shall not be dragged up or down stairs as this damages the legs and the carpet
    5. Lounge (if used):
      1. Fireplace is decorative only; no fires are permitted in it at any time
      2. Pool table equipment must be returned to its original state and cover must be replaced
      3. Television should be turned off and furniture must be returned to its original position
    6. Restrooms: tenant is responsible for the condition of the restrooms during the event and shall ensure that they are in the same condition at the completion of their event as they were at the beginning of the event. 
    7. Trash is to be removed from the building and placed in the bin outside. The key to unlock the dumpster is located in the kitchen on the bulletin board.  After depositing trash, the dumpster must be locked, and the key should be returned to the bulletin board.
    8. All lights should be turned off at the completion of the event.
    9. Make sure that all doors are locked by the last person out.  Push the door closed, then pull it to make sure it is locked.
  13. If you see something broken or break something, please report immediately, prior to vacating the space. Many times, we have renters that follow you the same day or the next morning. Report it to or call (562) 494-3332×5 building manager.
  14. If you see anybody loitering on the property, please call the building manager (562) 494-3332 x 5

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